You lose weight in pure cocoa! A thorough explanation of the effects and methods of cocoa diet!

Cocoa, which has been popular in a wide range of age from adults to children. From the gentle taste sweet, many also be used to Suites of material, people who have the image of ingredients of diet-facing, I think in very few?

But, in fact, the cocoa, it various diet effect was hidden!

This time for cocoa diet using cocoa, we will continue to explain.

Table of contents:

  1. Cocoa diet A
  2. Effect of cocoa diet
  3. How cocoa diet
  4. Notes of cocoa diet
  5. Cocoa diet reviews
  6. Summary

1. Cocoa Diet A

The Nantes be thin just drink the cocoa, cannot believe isn’t, and I think people do not even than often do you think?

For such people, here, we will explain the mechanism of cocoa diet.

Cocoa diet, as its name suggests, is a diet way to lose weight with a cup of cocoa.

However, it is not a diet method will lean drinking only cocoa.

Cocoa is the food that last to the assistance of diet. As replacement diet and dietary restriction diet, and you are drinking only cocoa without taking a normal diet, it will become to malnutrition.

While taking a normal diet, diet effect obtained by drinking cocoa, and so the effect of suppressing the combustion and appetite of fat.

Because there is also a beautiful skin effect, we can say the best diet method to women who want to lose weight beautifully.

Speaking of cocoa, sweet taste like chocolate might think that feature … but, in fact, original taste of cocoa is not sweet.

The cocoa arranged in the over-the-counter of supermarkets and convenience stores, contain a sugar or syrup, and at the same time those of sugar are issued a sweetness, and I have to up the calories of cocoa.

Cocoa to use cocoa diet is pure cocoa that does not contain an anti said was sugar.

The pure cocoa, and are commercially available in supermarket refers to the cocoa powder containing no sugar.

For the calories of pure cocoa 1 cup sentence that is 16kcal, general cocoa of sugar-sweetened There are big calorie difference and 80kcal.

As long as it performs the cocoa diet, you should definitely take advantage of the pure cocoa.

Also with respect to taste, there is no dramatic difference in pure cocoa and regular cocoa.

Pure cocoa even say that does not contain sugar, the cocoa does not disappear original bittersweet taste.

By drink mixed with milk or soy milk, it is possible to mitigate the bitterness, the coffee is not good! You’ll be able to work on cocoa diet even those who called.

Cacao mass polyphenols, as well as the polyphenols, and the like in wine, has the effect of preventing the effects and arteriosclerosis of lowering the blood pressure.

cause blood pressure to rise, the extra cholesterol is attached to the wall of the blood vessel, and it will then narrow the blood vessel.

When the blood vessels become narrower would have been blocked blood flow, easier to accumulate waste products in the body, also will become difficult thing to spread the nutrition to every corner of the body. This is the cause of the maximum that would be bad metabolism.

Metabolism and is, the ingested nutrients are digested and absorbed with eating, is to create a new cell and energy.

At the same time, it called the body system for discharging the accumulated waste in the outdated cells and body and metabolism.

Then, or carry the waste, as a path for delivering the nutrients necessary to organs or organ to create a new cell, and the vessel is used.

In other words, the blood vessels become narrow, and blood flow becomes bad, I would down also automatically metabolism.

When the metabolism drops, because that would have lowered ability to produce energy, fat is less likely to be burned, it will become a fat easy constitution.

Of course, then you adversely affect the diet, since it is not carried enough nutrients to organs, it will have a bad impact on health.

When performing the diet, even it is is important to focus on the fact that it will lose weight, it is necessary to build up the body does not rebound after lose weight, it becomes the precious efforts are all naught.

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It is allowed to up the metabolism in the cacao mass polyphenols contained in cocoa, and if we made a lean constitutionally predisposed, you’ll be able to become a rebound difficult to-skinny predisposition.

2. Effect of cocoa diet

The cocoa, not only the diet effect, there are a variety of health and beauty effect.

Here, the good effect of cocoa brings to the body, we will explain.

In cocoa diet, effect to be the most attention, is the effect of suppressing the appetite.

The cocoa contains a component called the bromine.

Theo bromine is a component required to produce serotonin.

Serotonin stimulates the sympathetic, has the effect of increasing the blood pressure and pulse.

This is the state that human beings are feeling happy. That is, when the serotonin is secreted, human beings will in fact be easily feel a sense of satisfaction and sense of fulfillment.

People who absolutely unquenchable a snack after a meal, it is possible to drink the cocoa instead of Suites, will be able to suppress the appetite.

In addition, overeating and due to stress, in order to suppress the runaway of appetite, cocoa is the perfect drink.

The cocoa, contains cocoa polyphenols.

Because cocoa polyphenols that have the effect of promoting blood circulation, to basal metabolism is up, you can fat to go to create a easy to be burning body.

It is up the basal metabolism is the base of the diet.

And even after the diet without up the metabolism, it will soon weight back.

In order to succeed on a diet in the true sense, it is necessary to change the fat easy constitution itself.

It may seem surprising, but the cocoa is a food rich in dietary fiber.

In particular dietary fiber contained in the cocoa and because it is insoluble dietary fiber as Gurinin without soluble in the stomach, it will be conveyed securely to the intestine.

Dietary fiber enters the intestine, while adsorbing the caked dirt on the wall of the intestine, for go is discharged to the outside, it can be expected the effect of arranging the intestinal environment.

In addition, a type of polyphenol called lignin contained in the cocoa also has the effect of prepare the intestinal environment. Lignin by reducing the bad bacteria in the intestines, is the component that works to increase the good bacteria.

Cocoa, including dietary fiber rich, it also has the effect of constipation eliminated. Constipation is a natural enemy of the diet.

It has to become a constipation, because is that have accumulated in waste to the body, condition of the gastrointestinal will become worse.

When the tone of the digestive organs become poor, not well absorbed nutrients necessary for diet, and I become the basis of obesity.

That the absorption rate is lower, although is often considered or not than the absorption rate of fat also decreases, the first place fat than fat or oil, it is made from sugar.

Carbohydrate is likely to be converted to the most calorie nutrients, it is a nutrient that the human body is needed most.

Therefore, the tone of the digestive organs becomes bad, when it becomes difficult to absorb nutrients, from being absorbed by the top priority will be to the fact that carbohydrate.

Of course the body that absorbs only carbohydrate, becomes unhealthy, by reducing the amount to be eaten example, even though able to lose weight, beautiful slimming will become far.

Constipation are eliminated and prevention to, to carry out a diet while protecting the health of the digestive organs such as the stomach and intestines, it is beautifully slimming secret.

Since the cocoa polyphenols has the effect of promoting blood circulation, it also helps to eliminate the poor circulation.

In addition, the bromine that produce serotonin also stimulates the sympathetic, because they have the effect of up to body temperature, it is a point to improve poor circulation.

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Such as in the same way as the polyphenols contained in wine, there is anti-oxidation action to cocoa polyphenols. Antioxidant effect is to prevent oxidation of the body.

Just as iron goes rust, the human body also will continue to oxidation. If you say it and what happens when oxidized, age spots and wrinkles, aging phenomena such as skin irritation can occur.

In order to maintain the beautiful skin, we must prevent the oxidation. Help for that is, it is an antioxidant that is, including the cocoa polyphenols.

The bromine, which has the effect of suppressing the appetite, it also has the effect of restoring the fatigue.

By raising the blood pressure, the bromine which has the effect of actively sympathetic, has an effect similar to caffeine, but it is not a component exerts a strong awakening effect as caffeine.

Moderately raises the blood pressure, because it has a stabilizing effect to the autonomic nerves, makes a state easy to fatigue the body.

There are individual differences by the constitution, but if it is not too much to drink, you will not be able to fall into insomnia due drank cocoa.

Because there is also an effect of increasing the concentration, it is an effective drink in busy season of the students and work.

3. How cocoa diet

Cocoa diet, I think there is an effect If you take how much cocoa in a day?

Also, If you take any timing, I think the diet effect is exhibited?

Here, we will continue to explain how cocoa diet.

Cocoa diet is the amount appropriate is about 2 tablespoons a day.

The amount of cocoa to drink at one time before and after 200ml would be appropriate.

If you drink the cocoa to about stomach swells, because there is also cause a modulation in the gastrointestinal, please be careful to drink too much.

Good effect can be too much to drink it will not be exhibited.

In mug cup statement, you can suppress the appetite enough.

Timing to drink cocoa with cocoa diet, before breakfast and dinner would be good.

Before meals it is possible to drink the cocoa, it will be able to suppress the appetite.

In addition, it is possible to start a meal from feeling a certain amount of satisfaction, feeling of fullness, also has the effect of preventing the eating.

When the eating, blood glucose level is moved up sharply, component that insulin is secreted into the blood.

Insulin has the effect of removing the sugar from the blood, but the removed carbohydrate, I would have been Tamekoma the body as fat. Diet, it is important that you do not increase the fat. Drinking cocoa before meals, let’s try to prevent eating.

Cocoa to be used for cocoa diet is different from a normal sweet cocoa.

The normal cocoa is included in a large amount sugar, for calories is also high, is not suitable for diet.

If you carry out the cocoa diet, called Pure Cocoa (pure cocoa), so always try to pick the cocoa that does not contain sugar.

Pure cocoa to use cocoa diet, less sweetness In cocoa, because bitterness is strong, taste is not less a person weak.

In such times, to mix the oligosaccharide in cocoa instead of sugar, and let’s add a sweet taste.

Oligosaccharides are sugar that is not absorbed into the body.

You enjoy the sweet taste, but because it is close to zero as possible calories, even if ingested in the diet, it does not result in increasing the fat.

Also, if only than painful to drink cocoa, let’s drink to mix the soy milk and pure cocoa.

Soy milk less lipids than milk, and contains high-quality protein abundantly from the fact that you are the soybean as a raw material. Protein is a component needed to make the muscle.

By increasing the muscle mass, the consumption of more calories often, you can produce easily lean body.

The other, and ginger cocoa to make in conjunction with ginger to warm the body, there is a recipe to use cocoa as a secret ingredient of stew or curry.

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Although it is a rare combination, but surprisingly taste not bad.

4. Notes of cocoa diet

Cocoa diet is a very safe diet method.

Side effects you may want to say no.

However, when viewed from the standpoint of diet, there are some caveats.

Here, we will continue to explain the notes of cocoa diet.

Cocoa diet sugar strictly prohibited!

What is not supposed to do absolutely in cocoa diet, it is a way in that drink a lot of cocoa that contains sugar.

Cocoa, which is sold in cans and packs, because most things are sugar-sweetened, to buy the powder of pure cocoa, will it make at home is the fact that the right way of cocoa diet.

This is true even if the Suites Cocoa is located.

If the Suites of the most, sugar and fat have been included in a large amount.

If you want to drink the sweet cocoa, Let’s choose what oligosaccharide is contained rather than sugar.

Because cocoa, and easily choose the food to say, and you will become fat in reverse.

Read the ingredient list, while attention to the amount of sugar, please select the type of cocoa.

Insomnia in Cocoa? Drinking too much attention

The bromine contained in cocoa, since it has a similar caffeine effects, some people no longer sleep.

Awakening effect of the bromine, because it is weaker than caffeine, but it is rare that insomnia-like appears, depending on the constitution, let’s remember that cocoa is also likely to fall into insomnia due.

And to use a diet replacing the cocoa, please be avoided.

Even if the excess intake of cocoa, there is no harm, only cocoa meal of the day will no longer have enough nutrition.

Appetite-suppressing effect of cocoa is intended to be utilized in order to merely reduce the food intake.

Drinking cocoa before meals, let’s try a diet of vegetables mainly.

5. Cocoa diet reviews

Cocoa diet, what can you lose weight in any wind?

And the people who succeeded in cocoa diet, I tried to collect the failed human reviews.

Cocoa diet to successful people Reviews

22-year-old / woman

“Just drink in front of the cocoa diet! The best is I! Meal, it was also thin 4 kg in one month!

In my manner, than the effect of combustion of fat is accelerated, we prefer the effect that appetite is suppressed was can feel ~. ”

31-year-old / woman

“Cocoa diet was successful in weight loss of 5kg. And there is also the in the diet had been using a gas, I not a lean only thanks to the cocoa diet, the effect of suppressing the appetite is certainly. Cocoa instead of snacking in we can be satisfied. ”

Cocoa diet to failed human reviews

26-year-old / woman

“While I was drinking cold cocoa in the summer, I did not have so much effect. Warm better is kana? And I thought good, if you try to re-challenged with hot cocoa in the winter, was Otiose is frankly weight about 3kg.

It looks like the effect of promoting blood circulation has helped to diet, how can diet is better still warm? ? But, it’s hot drinks in hot season is hell …. If the cocoa diet, perhaps, such that mean winter is a chance. ”

6. Summary

Cocoa diet is not a diet method is thin just simply drink the cocoa.

To have a cup of sweet cocoa containing a large amount of common sugar, rather than diet, there is also a possibility that the fat in reverse.

If you work on cocoa diet, so always try to always drink the cocoa of sugar not used.

Rather than relying only on the appetite-suppressing effect of cocoa, and also to manage the diet on your own, It is the point at which a successful cocoa diet.