course of weight loss

What problems may arise after a course of weight loss?

People with excess weight, usually most concerned with the problem of losing weight. How to get rid of the hateful kilos? Whether it is necessary to resort to a diet or fitness is better to do? How to lose weight without compromising your health? Many questions arise.

 IMPORTANT – do no harm!

However, it is to lose a few kilograms as there is another, equally important task – to eliminate sagging skin and put it in the tone. And the more weight in a short time a person loses, the more urgent becomes the problem of tightening skin after weight loss. After the skin, stretched the same amount and got used to it, can not immediately take on new forms. It takes time. As a result, instead of the desired effect can be obtained unattractive spectacle in the form of “wings” on the upper arms, sagging thighs and buttocks, disgusting flews on his face, that change is not for the better facial contours, visually adding to the real age of ten years, and even All fifteen.

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It is important to remember that rapid weight loss (especially in later years, when the skin loses its elasticity and ability to contract) will inevitably entail new challenges, and often deal with them is much more difficult than solve the problem of excess weight.


To correct the problem of weight gain should be approached responsibly, and the consequences of losing weight does not have to think when they become apparent, and even before the rate of weight loss. Ideally, this process is strictly controlled dietitian. Independent approach to the complex issue of serious damage to health and cause aesthetic change.

People who want to normalize the figure should be understood that the greater the weight and older age, the more gradual and gentle process of losing weight should be. You do not need to torture yourself diets, hunger, exhausting physical activities. Weight should be reduced slowly, no more than one, maximum two kilograms per month. To do this, it is sometimes enough to change your diet and increase motor activity (walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, etc.).

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With such a “sensitive” skin slimming severely reduced weight decrease proportionally, so it does not sag. However it will not be superfluous to help her with additional measures. For example, you can use for this purpose special tools for skin tightening – creams, gels, lotions, tonics, oils, etc. Need to apply them on a daily basis, with special attention to problem areas. These include the face, abdomen and chest.

Excellent aid against sagging skin while losing weight – a regular anti-cellulite massage and all kinds of wraps (honey, mud, salt, etc.). Do not do when losing weight without regular exercise. In this sense, there is no equal breathing exercises “Body flex” or “Oksisayz.” And any other suitable method, as long as it is based was aerobic deep breathing. Then, the effect is simply magnificent! After exercise, combined with a certain system of breathing in which the blood is saturated with oxygen active not only help burn fat cells, but at the same time tighten the skin, making it more supple and elastic.

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