alcohol affects weight loss

How alcohol affects weight loss: calories and carbohydrates in the drink!

Something new and previously unseen manufacturers have come up with. Wine labels are full of amazing titles drinks low in calories and carbohydrates, and here, for example, wine, in which there are no calories.

Maybe you did not notice yet, but these drinks actually lie on the shelves, well, or will appear shortly. Indicate on alcohol – beer, wine or liquor, the number of calories contained in them is a good idea, it gives an idea to buy, on the amount of alcohol contained in the materials. But what about carbohydrates?

Producers of wine or liqueurs were in favor of the right to indicate in their product mark “good for the heart” (in order to avoid problems such as the tobacco companies, who are now forced to go “under the letter of the law”), but got a lot of failure, because together with a bottle of wine in that case, have to wear a booklet.

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However, despite the fact that the wine producers and have not achieved their “heart benefits,” no one forbade them to publish information on the zero calories and carbohydrates – this is completely legal. Of course, there is still not write that alcohol helps you lose weight, but the fact remains. Labels on the type of “better for you”, “Your”, “0 calories” and the other, act on the minds of people, especially young people. Why is that most people think that if they cut down the intake of carbohydrates, you will surely lose weight, but something low-carb somehow associated with health. But nothing of what they write is not even close to a piece of the truth – and there is nothing that does not affect the collection of excess weight, the effects provided by alcohol – hangover, dehydration, heart disease, obesity and others.

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