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GPS Sport and Fitness Watches

GPS sports watch is of course the main function and geographic location information associated with such rows close (running, biking, rafting and other sports), traveling speed, waypoints, tracks and other travel, if there are aspects of the software or the web end platform to support it, some of the GPS sport watch can also plan ahead on the computer path, and then upload the route you planned to watch, play a role in navigation. In general, those features mentioned earlier, as long as the GPS sports watch will be available, and the path planning is not every product support.

Secondly, in addition to the GPS , we can also look at other features, such as three-dimensional compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, and vertical gradient calculation, heart rate monitor (usually achieved by fitting), weather warnings, and so, needless to say, of course, function is more comprehensive as possible. But we need to be reminded that, in general, only high-end products will put these features are integrated into it, which means we need to make appropriate trade-off between functionality and comprehensive price, try to avoid the blind pursuit of those of their own, usefulness of the “excess” function regardless of the cost, on-demand selection is an important step to save money.

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Data mining is an optional GPS a hidden factor when sports watch We need to study, in general, if the data for each movement just to stay on your watch, it is difficult from a comprehensive, in-depth sports status and learn physical potential, it is difficult to regularly step by step plan their sports and fitness. Therefore, a lot of good GPS sports watch can be fully synchronized data recorded every movement on your phone or computer software to analyze notes. There are even some analysis platform also has a social function, you can communicate with each other and others, mutual supervision. In short, do not have to upload, data analysis capabilities of GPS sports watches use have significant limitations.

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Finally, especially in waterproof performance reminded here about, as a GPS sports watch, able to cope with a variety of weather, a variety of the environment is one of the most basic quality, substantially all of the GPS sports watches are naturally water-resistant, but some products simply splashing water, rain, such as in swimming, diving and other sports (watch long-term immersion in water) there will be some risk, so we must learn to advance the brand waterproof level for interpretation and product belongs level.