Diet and Sleep

Diet and Sleep Time Relationship: The key lies in the secretion of Growth Hormone

There is that everyone think when you diet. And “I want to lose weight can be fun if you can.” This is my real intention.

With the exception of a person with a stoic life in order to train the muscle from the usual, so-called normal person finds the simplest possible diet.

So, I am not caught on a regular basis, “and that could be the easy” “easy going” diet.

Having said that, so that you are routinely mechanism itself is already the street diet that many people know, it might not be an exaggeration to say diet to lose weight can be fun and none for now.

I think everyone knows the correct exercise and diet control is necessary because. In fact, I have a diet also how to lose weight in a really easy. To be precise, I it is the action to improve the diet effect.

So, it does not lean Unfortunately only this method. By combining a normal diet, it is a way of us further enhance the diet effect.

It is “correct sleep”.

Relationship between diet and sleep

Less relationship is unlikely, in fact there is a very large relationship.

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When briefly described, secreted more growth hormone by taking proper sleep, it is not possible to promote degradation of muscle growth and fat.

Conversely, even if the muscle training is awaited hard, too much muscle mass and if not taken the proper sleep does not increase, and it is not impossible also to increase the basal metabolism.

And even though was movement by roughening only tight I think, it is not undue importance if you do not have much effect.

It also consumes a lot of energy in itself that you build and repair the muscle.

So, it is not me using the calories while sleeping.

If you think so, you can say muscle training is twice in one grain, and three times delicious diet method.

A method in which the growth hormone efficiently secreted time zone in which growth hormone is actively secreted is about 22:00 to 3:00.

Since this is the time along the body clock that says profane, it will have a little deviation When he who balance in the body clock is broken.

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If possible, it is required to correctly the body clock by a regular life.

Sleep time on it is a guide for 7 hours, 3 hours after the sleep of the best sleep is made to the time zone of the above.

6 am wake-up sleeping in 23:00.

7:00 wake-up sleeping 24 o’clock.

This much is It seems probably the most diet-efficient sleep.

When we who work busy, I though you did not get to quite firmly 7 hours of sleep like this.

Such as those who are sent a day and night reversed life in relation to work, let’s take a balance in the well yourself against the above-mentioned mechanism.

Sleep time is to be secured in obstinacy

Even if really busy, let’s ensure the sleep time as anyway possible.

Again sleep even in non terms of diet, it can be said one of the especially important factors in maintaining health.

Modern people I think many people that would have to work until shaved the sleep time, so it does not make sense if you got fat in stress or break the body.

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To ensure the sleep time before everything else, much of the feeling I it is better to have.

By the way, lack of sleep is so also are out data that it is easy fat.

Although I personally there is like going to lean on the haggard in hard work to be a lack of sleep image, but it would actually be fat.


Let sleeping firmly!

That’s all.

By the way, does not have to lose weight basis in the long sleep, need more sleep is a good idea to not take.

But rather to increase the activity time, it is better to increase the calories burned from the point of view of normal diet.

As that is not extreme, we recommend that you continue to live in balance.