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Demystifying Protein Powder

Demystifying Protein Powder (or Whey)

Protein shake, whey, protein powder, isolate… perhaps you’ve heard some of these terms or through your friends, your gym or in the media. The protein powder supplements are increasingly popular and accessible. Furthermore, they are now found on grocery store shelves and stock trades as Maxi, IGA, Wal-Mart, Costco or pharmacy. These specialized products are no longer limited only to stores specialized supplements. Protein powder is not only consumed by athletes: sports Sunday and even people in weight loss process now consumes.

But in fact, what exactly is the protein powder, also known as the whey? What is its composition? Is it a risk to health? That advantage to consume?

Where did this come from ?

In fact, protein powder or whey (also called whey or whey) is nothing other than food. You read correctly. This is actually a by-product of the dairy industry, a “waste” once put to waste because the properties were known. Recovered its raw state (liquid), whey protein will undergo various micro filtrations to be purified and separated into much of its lactose (milk sugar). It will subsequently be flavored and / or processed and marketed as a supplement or food additive.

Scoop of protein powder

Scoop of protein powder

It makes muscles?

A still widespread myth about protein shakes is that eating them would make it more muscular. Unfortunately, this dietary supplement is not a magic powder. You can stuff yourself with protein shakes every day from morning to night, however, if you do not train yourself at least 3 times a week and according to an appropriate strength training program, you will not have biceps worthy of Arnold Schwarzenegger or a prominent six-pack. For you ladies, you do not have to worry: protein powder consumption will not give you big bulky muscles and a male voice.


Protein powder: harmful to the kidneys?

Another popular myth about protein powder consumption is that it could be harmful to the kidneys. Well, this statement is false. If you’re healthy and you are not suffering from a kidney disease, you do not have to worry. Excess protein (either through food or protein powder) will not cause kidney overload unless you have a genetic predisposition. Protein powder and protein foods have a similar impact in the kidneys. As mentioned previously, the whey is food like beef or chicken! Furthermore, several studies have been done on the subject and have shown that this statement regarding the consumption of protein powder and kidney health was indeed false.


Does protein powder for you?

Before you go to buy a gigantic pot protein powder, make sure whether you really need. Do you have specific goals of training or weight loss? Or any other purpose requiring a higher protein intake?

Remember though that diet generally covers the protein requirement for occasional sports (training frequency of less than 3 times per week). Although it may be advantageous to increase his protein intake in some situations it is important to assess its contributions versus his needs before embarking on the consumption of protein supplements. If you have questions and want to have more information about this, contact a medical professional!

The various types of protein powder

Whey protein is by far the most popular and most widespread. Nevertheless, there are also isolated whey protein that turns out to be just the whey which has been completely isolated (removed) lactose (milk sugar). It is therefore more digestible for lactose intolerant people or experiencing discomfort when consuming milk. The protein content is therefore somewhat higher and about 28 to 30 g of protein per serving. However,isolate is more expensive compared with the whey, and this for the same amount. Note that the quality of the protein remains the same in both cases.

On the other hand, there is a growing popularity of vegetable protein supplements. These can be an interesting alternative for vegetarians and vegans who wish to increase their protein intake. However, the quality of the supplement is not always optimal. In this sense, it is better to opt for a mixture of vegetable protein, enabling complete amino acids which, we recall, is incomplete in the plant kingdom. Avoid protein supplements vegetarian / vegan containing only one type of protein, such as rice protein or only hemp.

There are also soy protein, beef … and even cricket! I wonder what kind of protein soon conquer the market.


One last point I want to make in this article is that, too often today, protein supplements are sometimes confused with doping substances, including steroids. It is a myth that must be seriously debunk. As demonstrated in this article, the protein powder is nothing other than food. Of course, some companies add ingredients to their products to make them more “exclusive.” So be vigilant and inform. If contamination with illegal substances or doping concerns you, make sure your supplements are certified NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and then they have a NPN (Natural Product Number). These acronyms mean that the products are regulated, tested and manufactured in controlled environments. Also Promote Canadian and Quebec brands.

weight loss conroe

Why do more physical exercise is not always synonymous with weight loss ?

You have beautiful run of kilometers and kilometers to lose a few centimeters at waist level, this may not be enough. This is the conclusion that draw more and more American scholars, like Herman Pontzer, professor of physical anthropology at the University of New York, which points primarily the calories absorbed.

According to a study published in the American scientific journal Current Biology, weight loss is not related to simple physical activity. They suggest that people who have great physical activity do not burn more calories than moderately active. Weight Loss Conroe is in fact mainly conditioned by what we eat and how much. What credence to bring such a study?

So someone with a lot of physical activity will eat more and therefore not unless, as stated in the study, in addition to physical activity, it happens to shrink, that is to say, eat less. Therefore, the combination of both, increased energy expenditure and food restriction which does not compensate for the excess energy loss results in these conditions to the intended objective, that is to say, weight loss.

How can one explain that the most active people do not burn more calories than those who are less so? Is there a risk in doing too much sport for the sole purpose of losing weight?

This is wrong. It burns more calories when you have more physical activity. What is true is that we proportionately burns very few calories in relation to physical activity. For example, to burn 100 calories, the equivalent of 5 pieces of sugar, you have to walk between 1 and 1.5 km. To clear a chocolate croissant and 300 calories, you have to then walk almost five kilometers.

Physical activity remains particularly beneficial to health. But do not go beyond its capabilities. For example, if a person overweight who has never done any sport suddenly decides to run 15 kilometers three times a week, she takes risks to his health. These risks are in addition to its initial overweight. We need to know adapt its physical exercises in its own capacity and not try to suddenly go from nothing to a strong physical activity for the sole purpose of losing weight, especially as this is not very effective.

Therefore, what is the right balance to be found for a weight loss between sport and nutritional effort?

Nutritional effort is essential, necessary and unavoidable. Without dietary restriction, it is totally impossible to lose weight. Meanwhile, the sport will be beneficial for several reasons. First, it will make build muscle, which will not be seen on the scale but on the silhouette. But when you want to lose weight, it is also often for the aesthetic side of things.

Sport also has loopholes virtues. Whoever wants to lose weight will think less room doing sports. Also, when doing sports and that one begins to play, we want to improve performance and to improve its performance, you often lose a little weight, which becomes a source of motivation.

Finally, increased physical activity reduces cardiovascular risks associated with overweight without necessarily acting on weight loss. That is to say that an obese person who has sustained physical activity, even without losing weight will reduce cardiovascular risk factors. Via sport, an obese individual will reduce its risks to achieve the same level that an individual in normal weight with no physical activity.

Personal trainer

Personal Training Conroe

Almost any trainer you work into has their own workout program. Many of them suggest that you work out there a little bit every single day. Other people suggest every-other-day. But still some others suggest totally unique programs. To determine the things that work most effective for you, below are some tips:
Choose a method that seems for your health and fitness, certainly not only specific parts of the body such as abs muscles, hip and legs or belly reducing. Focusing about specific factors is actually a single factor in the course of a physical exercise arranged, although not necessarily intended for a good complete plan. Your own whole body demands for you to work collectively.

Additionally discover a single which offers a lot regarding successful customers. Talk with the Better Company Office to be sure the provider and / or health and fitness center is actually good and also doesn’t have got a bunch of problems recorded against that company. Request regarding customer feedback and / or recommendations as well as follow-up, looking at to find out if people continue to be satisfied with their particular first feedback as well as success.

If you really demand the additional support to be able to get began experiencing a new healthy lifestyle? Let our professional personal training conroe assist you in getting going through providing you suggestions, tips, personalized focus as well as supporting you remain motivated in addition to advise the path to be able to follow ensure you are on the right path towards a healthy lifestyle.

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